The Management of Aagami Agro Ltd.

The Management of Aagami Agro Ltd. is presently vested with a Board of Directors, comprising Bangladeshi shareholders. All the Directors have a proven outstanding professional career record with high-level management capabilities. The Management is well known to and familiar with the relevant Agro sectors in Bangladesh as well as with the regional and the industrial agro markets of its solution and services.

Our Management Team

Md Nazrul Islam


Being a Founder and sustainable business visionary with 25 years in business, governance, over the years, Mr Nazrul has accumulated experience in substances of agro business expansion, operations, investment and strategic management and many more. Having know how and agro skills , communication enlargement and maintaining corporate relationships with various classified successful market leaders, he gained immense expertise. Demonstrated with unparalleled devotion in enlargement of corporation through idealistic development, ethical business practice and

Excellent leadership skills in motivating talented employees, he found possibilities in agro venture with people oriented vision.

Md Shariful Islam

Managing Director

Mr Shaiful having dynamic personality. Over 25 years experiences in Agro sector guided him to follow his dream of industrial agro. Inherited from family Mr Shariful enriching his local agro sides as well living standards.

Md Mostafa Sarowar


Mr Mostafa started his corporate journey in the early stage of his educational life in 2006 and earned an experience of more than 14 years in various field. Being a son of Meherpur, he envisioned the agro business from this area which is very suitable for Fish farming, Beef and other agro production. He has introduced the state of art technology for modern farming, he is deliberately reaching the mission and vision of the company with the directors and an dynamic team. He has visited more than 15 countries including Greece, Turkey, Sultanate of Oman, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Qatar, etc and experienced multi-cultured agro farming.

He is driving to make AAGAMI one of the leading business group from Bangladesh to the world.

Md Jaynul Abedin


Mr Jaynul have diversified experiences in Agro busines, from Bakery to general trading, he has marked his footprints.

Hasina Humaira


She is responsible for vetting all strategic decisions and investment opportunities of the company. She offers over 15 years of strong leadership experience spanning several sectors including commercial banking, insurance, and education. Mrs. Humaira has graduated from Dhaka University and having vision to make aagami successful venure.

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