Journey & Efforts

Environmental Efforts

Aagami Agro Ltd, we care deeply for our environment, therefore, we continue what we started till this day by arranging campaigns promoting tree plantation during which medicinal and fruit trees are distributed to students and other locals. Through this act of support for both the environment and humankind, we are not only encouraging the plantation of more trees but also educating all regarding the importance of plants in our existence, aiming to achieve a world where humans and the environment can finally sustain in harmony.

Our Journey

With the aspiration to do good for our community, our journey began with a small step being the distribution of trees to locals for free. This led to the envisioning of something bigger. In 2012, we began growing our own vegetables, Fisheries producing just enough to provide for Local Market. This presented itself as an opportunity for us to build something that would not only promote a healthy living but would go in harmony with the ecosystem. Taking on criticism regarding the sustainability of the work we were aiming to do, we pushed further, establishing our own Fisheries,dairy farm and fruit Farm in 2012, each sector coming in use of the other. Slowly developing a process where every activity contributes to organic production.