Organic Aquaculture or the organic farming of fish is a section of farming we dabble in currently at a conservative amount to maintain the culture of self-sustenance that we have adopted. Our aim to produce organically and enable people to adopt a healthy living further inspired us to take up fish farming. We raise unadulterated fish, feeding them fully natural food without the use of any genetic modifications or other toxic chemicals. In this way, we are able to ensure that our farm grown fish are a good source of protein and other nutrition.

Poultry and Eggs

Establishing this sector of farming in 2017, AAGAMI agro Ltd. now produces eggs that are plentiful in Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids. By maintaining high standards in case of feed and environment, the birds have a low mortality rate and produce quality eggs. We not only consider hygiene management of the birds to be important but also take steps to ensure those working with the birds maintain hygiene procedures to avoid any sort of disease risk. To further ensure that the eggs are unadulterated, we avoid giving the birds any sort of antibiotics or hormones, simply providing them necessary vitamins that allow us to provide eggs that are organic and rich in nutrition.
In addition to this, keeping our customers health in mind and aiming to create a complete chemical free dietary solution, we raise hens maintaining the same organic principles that are applied throughout our agricultural range. Varying from a small number of highly organic, free range hens to hens that have high nutritional value developed from vegetarian herbal supplements and a non-chemical feed recipe, we ensure immense care in case of our poultry.

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Dairy & Beef

With determination to establish a self-sustaining agricultural ecosystem, the dairy section of our farm was established with the intention to produce fertilizer for our initial vegetable gardens. Thus, with the extension of the vegetable section, dairy production developed coextensively. Starting with only 2 cows, our dairy farm now consists of approximately 14 cows. We take pride in the fact that we are able to provide milk and meat which is pure and fresh certified by Organic Bangladesh Ltd. (OBL). Aiming to provide milk that is highly nutritious and consistent in quality, we take the maintenance of our farming system very seriously. By applying stringent standards and other methods including the plantation of medicinal trees around the farm, we ensure that the environment we provide to our cattle is clean. Starting from providing them primary treatments with herbs like Neem, Bashok and so on, to organic grass from our own farms, we make sure our cows are well taken care of from the get-go. Under the capable hands of our skilled workforce including AI technicians and veterinarians, our cows stay healthy boosting the milk we get from them in terms of nutritional value, allowing us to provide you the healthiest and tastiest milk.


The nutritional value of duck meat and eggs include unsaturated fatty acids which help to lower cholesterol levels, proteins that improve growth, Vitamin B, and much more. Considering this and keeping our mission in mind, we were inspired to enter this sector of farming. Our ducks are raised free range and their diet consists of an all-natural blend of corn and rice husk that we make ourselves. These factors contribute to taste and freshness, enabling us to provide natural products that are organic.

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To extend the experience of being an independent and organic agricultural producer, we try to gain proficiency in all sorts of cultivation, not excluding fruits. Beside our initially established nursery lies our very own fruit farm where the same culture of non-chemical application that is followed throughout remains persistent. As fruit trees have their own protective system, we hold back from using any sort of synthetic fertilizer, hormones, insecticide or pesticide, allowing the fruits to grow naturally. Thus, we produce for you fruits that are not only rich in flavor but nutrients as well.

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We believe in and dream of a greener Bangladesh, therefore being competent in the development of different plants has always been our purpose and initial driver for establishing a self-dependent farming system. Originally having to purchase mother plants from others, we have currently progressed to the flourishing of our own mother plants. Starting out with purchasing plants and trees from different nurseries to provide to locals for free, we now have a nursery of our own that supports the organic growth of plants and trees that are both exotic and indigenous for the numerous benefits they provide both to humans and the environment.

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Fruit trees

Fruit trees
we believe that a healthier lifestyle involves a lower intake of processed or refined food, and what better way to do this than indulge in nature’s very own additive-free desserts? Therefore, we produce a range of nature’s candies, some of which are – Mango, Jackfruit, Star Fruit, Coconut, Pomelo, Guava, Peach, Rose Apple and Orange.

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Flower Plants

Flower Plants
“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.” We have carefully selected an array of seasonal and year-round varieties of flowers such as – Kath Golap, Night Blooming Jasmine, Bird of Paradise, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Ixora, Bougainvillea and many more to allow everyone the opportunity of having a little hope and beauty in this endlessly industrializing world.

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Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants
Hippocrates once said – “nature is the best physician.” A supporter of this philosophy we have acquired many medicinal plants including – Neem, Tulsi, Nishinda, Bohera, Bashok and so on. It is a mentionable fact that these plants do not only possess medicinal value for human being but also for our very own farm, aiding us in keeping our environment clean and pure through their naturally healing properties.

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Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants
We feel that with so many benefits that plants provide human beings, they represent life and that where there are plants, there is a belief in tomorrow. Therefore, ranging from the delicate yet exquisite orchid that requires great nurture to the self-supporting cactus, we offer numerous plants, namely – Dracaena, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Philodendron, Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily, Orchid, Cactus, Aquatic plants and more.

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